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Our Products and Services are identical to those used in our sister schools and online programs, so they have been tested, updated, and improved over the last 20 years. Everything has been designed to be delivered via the internet: as an

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Beasley College Prep has secured over $70 million in scholarships, grants, and waivers since 2011. We connect each student’s ambitions, abilities, and achievements with a comprehensive plan for college success. Our students have gone to Ivy Leagues, Service Academies, Tier

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    3 Easy Steps for the FAFSA

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Attended Berkeley on Scholarship!

Frank received the Air Force ROTC Scholarship, Army ROTC Scholarship, and Navy ROTC Scholarship, in addition to scholarships from Maryland (Presidential Scholar), Purdue (Honors), Illinois (Honors), UC Santa Barbara (Honors), Georgia Tech, and USC.

Frank H.

“Mom and Dad didn’t have to pay a penny for my college…and neither did I!”

Stephanie raised her SAT scores 200 points and received both Merit and Opportunity money to pay for all her college costs. She went from a 3.2 high school student to a 4.0 college student, and graduated in 3 years!

Stephanie K

Sean was accepted at West Point, the Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy.

He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2012. Sean jumped his ACT score 10 points in 6 weeks to qualify for admissions.

Sean G

Shree received over $700,000 in Scholarships

Notre Dame: University & Provost, Hofstra: Presidential, Trinity: Murchison, St. John’s: Presidential. Attended University of Chicago on scholarship.

Shree S.