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4 Best College Degrees: How to get the most out of college

For most people, a college education, college experience, and earning a college degree are good ways to increase their earning potential and find employment in an industry where they can use their knowledge and explore their passion. However, not every college degree is as valuable or the best way to go towards your future career. Sure, you might be able to take some interesting classes towards an easier major but will the degree provide good job opportunities in the future? This is a great time for first-time college students and high school students alike to ask themselves the hard questions about their major, ideally before their senior year of college. You need to make sure that whatever major you decide will be a good fit for you in the first place.

Some college degrees will earn you more than others and offer more opportunities for an unpaid internship during summer breaks that might lead to a job upon graduation. In this article, we will be discussing the best majors for 2021-2022 for earning potential upon graduation so that current students can adjust majors if needed. So here they are the 4 of the best college degrees that will help you keep your student loan debt at bay while still earning a salary worthy of your hard work.

1) Computer Science

Do you know how to code? Do you even know what code is? If so, then majoring in computer science is going to be one of the top college degrees that will earn you a salary worthy of your efforts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that job growth for software developers will grow by 24% by 2022. That’s why computer science is at the top of our list of best college degrees. With this degree under your belt, you can find work as a developer or programmer and help design things like websites, apps, operating systems, networks, database management systems, video games, and many other technological products. The median pay for software developers is $102,000 per year with limited experience. In not much time the demand for developers is only going to grow, so this will be one of the top-paying college degrees in the coming years. The more our world relies on technology (which is not going away anytime soon) the more these jobs will be a critical way to build infrastructure in any company. Plus, most jobs after college are remote in nature so if that’s something of interest to you, might be a great path!

***Bonus Advice***

There are many free and low-cost resources that teach introductory-level coding skills. Some of our favorites are Khan Academy, Codeacademy, MIT open course, and Coursera (online courses). Many are for kids who want to start early while their brains are like sponges! We highly encourage parents to start their children off young and introduce them to some of these programs. No harm if your child doesn’t gravitate towards the material. The exposure alone will be incredibly beneficial. Plus, they don’t even have to step foot on college campuses, get good grades, or worry about getting college credit to do this.

2) Engineering

With technology growing more advanced each year and all industries trying to stay up with the latest developments, engineers are becoming hot commodities in the job market. So if you’re looking for a top college degree that will give you a high salary once you graduate, engineering might be right up your alley. The median pay for an engineer is $80,170 per year. Not only can you get great pay as an engineer by creating new technologies and solving problems, but you will also have many choices to choose from with regard to job titles and specific areas of interest.

Architectural engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Environmental engineering, Mechanical engineering, Software engineering are just some of the areas that fall under the engineering umbrella. This line of study will not only yield a high salary threshold but also job security in the workforce. Engineers are paramount for many businesses and due to the rigorous course study, many students don’t opt for this as an undergraduate option. This leaves college students who do choose to put forth the effort and obtain this degree incredibly valuable and not easy to replace in the workforce. Job security during this time is nothing to take for granted!

3) Mathematics and Science

Along with computer science and engineering, mathematics & science are one of the top college degrees that will garner you a high salary after graduation. While it’s not always fun sitting in class all day learning about statistics or chemistry, these subjects can be very useful in the real world and are a great foundational major for many technical jobs. The reason we like these 2 majors is because of the versatility in the workforce and the available technical jobs that are offered with a major in either of these two fields.

Also, the level of graduate school and higher education options is endless with a bachelor of science degree. With a bachelor’s in science, highly technical graduate programs open up for so many students that are not offered with a bachelor’s in arts. Here are some jobs available for people who are well-versed in math & science. They all come with a hefty first paycheck that is a great way to pay off some of those student loans:

For Math:

  • Cryptographer
  • Actuary
  • Mathmetician
  • Economist
  • Statistician
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operation Research Analyst
  • Systems Engineer
  • Investment Analyst
  • Data Analyst

For Science:

  • Research Associate
  • Lab Technician
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Science or Health Policy Analyst
  • Public Health Program Manager
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Representative
  • Research Scientist
  • Development Scientist
  • Environmental Health and Safety Officer
  • Patent Examiner

4) Business

With globalization growing so fast worldwide, businesses are looking for more ways to cut costs and increase profits. This is why business majors are in high demand during the job search process. Business majors can help companies run efficiently by streamlining their practices and maximizing profit margins. Many students prefer to go into this area of study because you get the best of both worlds. Business studies provide an excellent foundation for more specialized fields such as information technology or marketing after graduation without getting highly technical with STEM majors. It also offers a level of versatility in your job search after college.

One thing to note about business majors is that there are so many different career paths available. If your child chooses this as a major, they have many options to choose from without being pigeon-holed into one specific job role. And this is one of the major things we love about this major. You can choose to work at a large corporation or go on your own and start your own venture. Your options and possibilities are endless.

*****Bonus Advice****

It is a good idea to explore minoring in a foreign language or at a minimum taking college courses if you are looking at a business degree. It is a great opportunity to explore new experiences and you will likely need these important skills upon graduation. Business is not only done in America so knowing a different language will increase your career resume, set you up for career success, and exhaust new opportunities your school offers.

In a nutshell:

I know our discussion only focused on the highest paying degrees upon graduation and although this can be an important factor, it’s not always the only consideration of the most important things when choosing a major. Make sure you are asking yourself why you want to go to college. Your why will lead you to your course of study during your college years. There can be a really good blend of passion and pragmatics when approaching college degrees. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments- please feel free to schedule a consult with one of our teammates that can help you on this journey and get you clear on what you want out of your future career/study path.

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