About Us

Beasley College Prep has secured over $200 million in scholarships, grants, and waivers since 2011. We connect each student’s ambitions, abilities, and achievements with a comprehensive plan for college success.

Our story

Our students have gone to Ivy Leagues, Service Academies, Tier I Universities, National Universities, regional, private, and state colleges. Whatever the student’s college ambition, we can help them towards their goal.

Since 2011, Dr. Beasley and his team have helped students qualify for over $200 Million in scholarships, grants, and dozens of opportunities to reduce college costs without loans.  These students have been admitted to the most prestigious institutions in the US (Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Berkeley, and Service Academies) and have been awarded prominent scholarships (National Merit, National Achievement, National Hispanic, McDermott, Oxford, NCAA Division I Athletic, and Medical Scientist Training Program – full scholarship to medical school). The team serves students all over the globe from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Baku, Azerbaijan, to Windhoek, Namibia, and all over North America.

Dr. Beasley has been a College Professor for 16 years, Prep Academy Dean since 1996, and College Consultant/Advisor for over 30 years.  His NEW College Preparatory Academy operated 22 college prep academies from Springfield, MA, to Hot Springs, AR, to Palm Springs, CA.  His SAT/ACT Prep Program has been used in public and private schools in 23 states, helping students raise scores significantly in a matter of weeks.  His organization is one of the nation’s leading sources for Duke Talent Identification Program candidates.  He has been a pioneer in online and computer-based education since 1999 and founded the National Homeschool Academy Online in 2009.  He has been the Keynote and featured speaker at numerous educational conferences, and writes the College Prep column in Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

Dr. Beasley has a BS from Texas Christian University, MBA from Oklahoma City University, Doctor of Ministry degree in Greek and Hebrew from Tyndale Seminary, and Ph.D. in Urban and Public Administration from University of Texas at Arlington.