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The FOUNDATIONS course provides the main building blocks that students will need to BEAT THE TESTS. Because 85% of the test prep is common to both tests, students will learn the techniques and tactics that are common to both the ACT and SAT Tests.

Beat the ACT

The BEAT THE ACT Course is the 2nd step to preparing for the ACT Test. This is an intensive and in-depth course designed to train students in tactics, techniques, and strategies to improve their scores and BEAT the ACT. You must have completed the FOUNDATIONS course before taking this course

Frequently asked questions

Our roadmap is for you to take the foundations course first – and follow up with an advanced course or schedule private coaching. At this time we offer Foundations and BEAT THE ACT and are currently working on our BEAT THE SAT course.

We don’t know.  The max score on the ACT is 36 and 1600 on the SAT.  It is much easier for a student with a 21 ACT to raise their score 6-8 points than it is for a student with a 32 ACT raise their score 2-4 points.  The potential to raise scores is a function the student’s starting score and how much work the student puts into the training.  Simply purchasing the program will have no effect on scores if the student does not invest themselves in the training.  That stated, we have had students raise ACT scores from 19 to 29 in 6 weeks and SAT scores from 1120 to 1500 in 3 months.  This required significant commitment and focused intensity from the students.  Like grades in class, student achievement is based on their performance, progress, and mastery of the material.

The course is appropriate for students 6th grade and up. We train 6th graders who want to compete for Duke TIP and other similar competitions.


Students who take the test earlier will have more time to put the strategies, tactics, and techniques into practice and continue to improve their scores.  Our training is similar to learning to play an instrument or play a sport, the more time you have to practice the right way, the better your student’s score will be.

There are many programs out there. Some good and some not so good. Our courses are designed to help students BEAT the tests!

We do not re-teach high school. In fact, we have had 7th graders who have not even had high school courses score 32 and higher on the ACT and >680 component scores on the SAT because they learned the techniques and put them into practice.

We have also priced our programs to give you an outstanding program that is affordable and effective.

FOUNDATIONS and BEAT THE ACT are available online.  We are currently working on our The BEAT THE SAT course.

If you are interested in our custom program, please schedule a consult and speak with one of our representatives. Contact Us

Our clients say

“Chris was headed to community college before we met Dr. Beasley. I couldn’t believe it – Chris received SIXTEEN full scholarship offers for over $1.72 million. He was accepted at Webb Institute that admits only 28 students a year… and a full scholarship!”
Chris H.
Webb Institute
“They got into every college they applied to and received scholarship offers from each! Thank you Dr. Beasley for all your help in making this possible for our daughters.”
Clara and Carla V.
University of Houston
"I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our friend, Dr. Kuni Beasley, for helping guide us through the maze of college scholarships. With his guidance, Michael received the best scholarship offers from top schools like Princeton and Harvard.”
Michael R.
Princeton University
“Dr. Beasley helped us with all three our children. Teni received the prestigious McDermott Scholarship that covered all expenses plus a stipend. He was the only homeschooler to be awarded this honor.”
Teni F
University of Texas, Dallas

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