We do not prepare for the test like anyone else. We Train you to Beat the Test!

For over 25 years, Dr. Beasley has developed Basic Principles, Test Tactics, and Test-Taking-Techniques to train students BEAT the SAT and ACT.  He has provided long term testing strategies and helped thousands of students score higher on these tests to gain admissions to the top colleges and earn the top scholarships in the country.

These Principles, Tactics, and Test-Taking-Techniques have been constantly updated to keep up with changes in these tests.  Dr. Beasley’s unique techniques show students how to:

  • Answer Reading Questions without reading the passage
  • Answer Grammar Questions without reading the passage
  • Answer Math Questions without doing a lot of math

This program has been used in public and private schools in 25 states and by individual students across the US and in many foreign countries.  The program and the coaching are delivered via internet, so anyone with an internet connection can have access.

We train students how to BEAT the TEST.  Take some time to watch Dr. Beasley’s Orientation to College Testing to understand how we are so different from other “test prep” methods and how we train students to Beat the Tests!

Orientation to College Testing provides a strategic view of PSAT/SAT/ACT testing and preparation so students and parents have a better understanding of the college testing universe and have more knowledge to make a better informed decision on how to proceed with test preparation and how our unique insight helps us better prepare to BEAT the TEST.  Feel free to watch it now: