It is crucial that you get the proper professional advice and counsel from those who have the experience, dedication, and track record to help your student pursue his/her college ambitions.

We provide a comprehensive process to advise and provide plans for students and their families.  Students, who have taken our advice and followed the plans we prepared for them, have been admitted to top colleges in the country and received millions of dollars in scholarships and other financial awards that have significantly reduced the cost of college and the financial burden on their families.

We provide a range of services and opportunities that few, if any, college advisors provide.  Indeed, many were exclusively developed by Dr. Beasley and our staff, and are unique to our program.   


Initial Consultation

Each student is unique and needs to have a plan customized and tailored to their individual Ambitions, Abilities, and Achievements. One size does not fit all. The best way to start is to get information specific to your situation.

Our College Coaches will focus on:

Discussion of your college goals and family situation (number of students, grades, etc.)

Overview of how we can help you

Customized advice and recommendations


College Readiness Schedule

We provide a detailed month-by-month schedule from the Initial Consultation to the month the student enters college.  We include testing dates, counseling appointments, when to start college searches, when to start applications, when to start looking for funding, and many other important events.


Complete College Advice & Planning Program

  • College Advice and Planning
  • Personal College Readiness Coach
  • Academic Advising and Counseling
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Consultations
  • Quarterly Counseling
  • Major and Career Counseling
  • College Selection Advising
  • College Application Coaching and Review
  • College Funding Advising
  • College Enrichment Preparation
  • College MONEY Advising