Dr. Beasley complete reconfigured his BEAT the ACT to accommodate students who take both the SAT and ACT, and provides a lot of common ground so preparing for both tests compliments each other.

7 Basic Principles to BEAT the Test that are common to both the SAT and ACT.  Dr. Beasley goes into detail and demonstrates how applying these principles will help you raise your score.

ACT English Section: Dr. Beasley provides a two-part training – first, presenting the Tactics and Techniques common to both the ACT English and the SAT Writing & Language, and second, applying those Tactics and Techniques to the specific ACT questions.

ACT Math Section: Again, Dr. Beasley presents a two-part training covering the common Tactics and Techniques for both SAT and ACT using the “CRACK the Math” Technique, then shows you how to apply this to specific ACT questions.

ACT Reading Section: This is another two-part training with his exclusive Three-Level process to select which questions to answer first and his step-by-step CAKE technique to answer correctly and quickly.

ACT Science Section: This section is unique to the ACT.  Ironically, the Science section does not contain any real science!  There is no Biology, Chemistry, or Physics in the section.  Dr. Beasley treats these more like a Reading Section because the questions are clustered into several passages – like the Reading.

ACT Essay: Dr. Beasley developed a 9 Point Template based on the ACT’s “perfect” essay that can be applied to any prompt on the test.

* All the resources are available online at no cost. If you do want further resources, please pick up these practice books:


ACT- https://www.amazon.com/Official-ACT-Prep-Guide-2016/dp/1119225418/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1487881611&sr=8-2&keywords=act+prep+book+2017


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