This program includes Dr. Beasley’s Orientation to College Testing, PLUS a special Introduction on How to BEAT the SAT with all the changes.

NOTE: The PSAT and SAT training are IDENTICAL!  Indeed, on the College Board website, the practice questions for both tests are the exact same questions!  The only difference is that the PSAT is a scaled down version of the SAT, and the math is a notch lower.  Otherwise, the same test – testing the same material.  To best prepare for the PSAT, train for the SAT.

The course includes:

7 Basic Principles to BEAT the Test that are common to both the SAT and ACT.  Dr. Beasley goes into detail and demonstrates how applying these principles will help you raise your score.

SAT Reading Section: Dr. Beasley demonstrates his unique Tactics and Techniques, such as how to answer questions without reading the passage.

SAT Writing & Language Section: Dr. Beasley demonstrates how to BEAT the Test with specific Tactics and Techniques to answer questions without reading the passage.

SAT Math Sections: Dr. Beasley’s demonstrates Tactics and Techniques to answer most of the math questions doing little or no math.

SAT Essay: Dr. Beasley developed an 8 Point Template based on the College Board’s “perfect” essay that can be applied to any prompt on the test.

Closing Comments: Dr. Beasley closes with how to use his strategy that has been proven to increase scores, introduces some “Testing Hacks,” and previews what you should do the week of the test and the night before the test.

* All the resources are available online at no cost. If you do want further resources, please pick up these practice books:




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