The Crash Course is designed to provide a quick review for students who have taken the BEAT the SAT and/or the BEAT the ACT courses prior to the test… and to provide a quick “life jacket” to those who did not have time to prepare for the test.  Dr. Beasley was very strategic in developing training that was common to both SAT and ACT, so there is one Crash Course for either test.  There is over 85% crossover in Strategies, Tactics, and Techniques for SAT and ACT, with most of difference in the ACT Science section (which is included in the Crash Course).  The course is about 2 hours, but you will more out of this two hour course than you will with most other prep courses because Dr. Beasley trains you to BEAT the Test!  Here’s what you get:

·       Introduction & 7 Principles Common to Both Tests

·       ACT/SAT Math Tactics and Techniques

·       ACT/SAT Reading Tactics & Techniques

·       ACT English/SAT Writing Tactics & Techniques

·       ACT Science Tactics & Techniques

·       SAT Essay

·       ACT Essay

·       Closing Comments