Yes. We have a specific process we use for essays to help the student conceive and compose a concise essay.

It depends. There is no one blanket answer that can be given for everyone. A simple way to understand whether or not your student should take AP courses is to find the common ground where the reasons WHY you are taking AP courses overlaps with WHAT the colleges you are considering require for admissions. AP can be advantageous if AP course grades are weighted, if weighted grades contribute to class rank, and if class rank is a major factor in admissions and merit-based funding at the colleges you are considering. In addition, AP courses and the results of AP testing are considered as a measure of rigor in preparing for colleges. Many colleges will consider AP courses as part of the admissions process, but not award AP credit. Again, it depends… on many factors, most of which are seldom addressed when students are encouraged to take AP classes.

For our coaching and consultation programs, it depends on what you need to reach your college objectives. We do an initial consultation and based on where the student is and where the student wants to go, we will recommend a package for the student and give you a price.

Our stand-alone programs are priced in the shopping cart.

We have two policies on cost for our coaching and consulting programs:

Our total cost will not exceed the cost of one semester at a four-year state college.
If you complete our program and we do not get you funding equal to twice what you paid, we will refund the difference.

It depends on what the student needs to do. No two students are the same. Also, our program is not measured by time; it is measured by task accomplishment. The program is gauged to the student. The average time is 4-6 hours per week, with some weeks more and some weeks less.

It depends on what the student needs to do and what results we are looking for. We have seen students improve test scores in a matter of weeks, which is in direct relation to the work they put into it. Simply signing up for our program is no guarantee of results. We can guarantee results if you can guarantee the student will do what is needed to get the results. The focus of our program is on the student and what the student achieves using our resources. Our resources equip and enable the student to do better, but the student has to do the work for themselves.

There is no minimum GPA, however, the GPA may be a factor constraining certain opportunities to more competitive institutions. Yet, there are still many opportunities regardless of GPA.

It depends on the issues. We have students with Asperger’s earn National Merit Scholarships, students with dyslexia earn full scholarships, and students who were written off by conventional schools thrive in our program. We cannot guarantee we are the solution for students with learning issues, but we have found that if the student is willing to do the work and the parents provide the proper support, students with learning issues can overcome them and be successful in college.

Yes. There are many opportunities for funding while in college.

Yes. We have had many adults use our program to go to college. One of our adult students graduated from Harvard.

Yes. Our program is web-based to provide maximum flexibility for the student. Parts of the program are on videos and the rest is contact with the coaches via email, phone, web meeting, etc., if coaching is part of the package you purchase.leo.

Most organizations provide single lines services like test prep, admissions, or counseling. We provide full service that includes everything other organizations provide, and our single services are often more comprehensive that most others.

We start as early as the 6th grade. The earlier you start, the better.

Since 2011 every student who has completed the custom program received significant money for college. Over 80% have received full tuition (or better) and the rest have received at least half tuition to at least one college. Many receive significant offers from several colleges. This is where we provide Options, Choices, and Opportunities that most would have never known existed.

Yes – if you get to us sooner than later, because time is the most critical factor in Options, Choices, and Opportunities the senior year. These begin to collapse the longer you wait.