Beasley College Prep is unique in that we have helped more homeschoolers gain admissions to the top colleges and earn the top scholarships than any organization in the nation. Top colleges include Ivy League, Top Tier, and Military Academies. Top scholarships include National Merit, National Achievement, National Hispanic, Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC scholarships. Most of our senior coaches are experienced homeschool parents who have had great success with their homeschooled students through our program. They are experts in Preparing, Packaging, and Positioning homeschoolers for the best college admission and scholarship opportunities in the country.

There is no other organization that can match our record in admissions and scholarships for homeschoolers. Dr. Beasley is noted as the expert on homeschool college prep and has been featured in each issue of Mary Pride’s Practical Homeschooling magazine for the last several years with his articles on preparing homeschoolers for college.

Dr. and Mrs. Beasley are homeschool parents, and are now empty nesters with their youngest currently attending Texas Tech University with full tuition and the Presidential Scholarship.


Debbie Lindstrom – Program Director

Mrs. Debbie Lindstrom is directs the homeschool college preparation program. As a homeschool mom, her three sons have gone on to incredible achievements:

Oldest son, Zackary, received a full scholarship plus $6000 cash per year from the University of Texas at Dallas (among other scholarship offers totaling $380,000) and graduated in 2016 with his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Honors Program. Because he completed his undergraduate courses early, the remainder of his scholarship helped pay for half of his masters in systems Engineering Management.

Second son, Justin, received a congressional appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy (along with West Point, Annapolis, etc., one of the five competitive service academies) and graduates in 2017. He was one of few selected to march in the 2017 Presidential Inaugural Parade. He will get his BS in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation and transfer services to serve as a Marine Corps officer.

Third son, Jonathan, was nominated by Texas Senator John Cornyn – the first homeschooler he ever nominated – to the West Point class of 2020. He has been incredibly successful his first year at the academy.
From a financial perspective, other than some transportation expenses and some miscellaneous expenses, the Lindstrom family has paid virtually nothing to get their sons some of the best education in the country!

Mrs. Lindstrom has been very successful in advising all families (homeschool, public school, private school) on Service Academy appointments, Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC Scholarships, and homeschool families in general on how to prepare their students for college success. There are not many homeschool parents who know, understand, and have the experience Mrs. Lindstrom has and how to help it work for your students.

Please contact her directly to schedule a time to discuss how we can help your homeschooler.

Additional Services for Homeschool Families:

Beasley College Prep has access to additional services for homeschoolers through the New College Preparatory Academy (NCPA). The National Homeschool Academy operates as an extension of NCPA to provide academic products and services specifically tailored to homeschool families. These include:

Homeschool Select Program– This program is based on the criteria and extremely high standards of prestigious conventional Prep Academies, packaged for homeschool administration. This is a highly competitive program and requires significant commitment from the student and the parents. Each family is assigned a Coach who supervises the process and maintains accountability. If selected, the student and the parents have to complete a four-week “challenge” program to determine if the student and the parents have the level of commitment required of the program.

Homeschool Umbrella Program – This program provides administrative services with transcripts, records, updates, and information for college bound homeschoolers. The biggest issue with homeschoolers is to make it easier for colleges to see and understand the qualifications of a homeschooler verses a private/public school student. We provide the packaging and advice to better direct curriculum decisions, college testing, and admissions.

Homeschool Parent Coaching – With our staff of experienced homeschool moms, we can provide advice and Coaching for new homeschool parents and even help experienced homeschool parents with the intricacies of preparing their students for college.
Complete College Preparation Curriculum – Dr. Beasley developed a College Prep curriculum for his schools and his homeschool program. This is a very comprehensive, but flexible curriculum that can be tailored to needs and ambitions of the student.
Academic Enhancement – We provide Academic Enhancement in Vocabulary, Composition, Grammar, Math, and Reading for students who need to raise their abilities or students who wish to accelerate.


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