Our Learning Dynamics program consists of tools and techniques to enhance and enrich learning, designed to make learning better, faster, and easier. Learning Dynamics is not designed to substitute for regular academic learning and the regular reading and writing learned in school. Students still need to learn the content material and develop the styles and forms of writing required by their school curriculum. However, with our methods, students are trained to accelerate, improve, enhance, organize, and understand the material more effectively.

These tools and techniques are designed to be applied and used in regular schoolwork. This program has been used successfully with middle school, high school, college, and adult students for over twenty years.

Learning Dynamics is organized into the four components of learning: READ-STUDY-TEST-WRITE (RSTW)



READ– Our program is based on the Levels of Reading developed by Mortimer Adler who was the general editor of the Encyclopaedia Britannica  and the Co-Editor of the Great Books of the Western World. In 1940, he published a book called How to Read a Book where he introduced Four Levels of Reading: Basic, Inspectional, Analytical, and Syntopical. Most people learn basic reading (sentences, paragraphs, linear reading) in elementary school. However, rarely do people move to the higher READ levels. We train our students in these higher READ levels, providing them the tool and techniques to comprehend and understand their schools’ s curriculum better, faster, and easier.

This is NOT a speed reading course, but training in simple strategies and techniques that you can use to collect, analyze, and compare information, and do so in a fraction of the time with less effort.

STUDY– “Study hard” students are often told. Yet, few actually know how to study and even fewer have been trained. Does anyone know what “study hard” looks like, or could even explain the how to do it? Our study strategies are derived from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., doctor, poet, Harvard professor, and father of the famous Supreme Court Justice.

Holmes Hierarchy is applicable to every component and every level of our program. We train students to use a system of thinking and information processing we call the ROAD Method: Read, Organize, Analyze, and Document information! The ROAD Method contains a specific STUDY and Note-Taking-Technique for each Learning Dynamics Level so students have an integrated learning system and strategy to learn better, faster, and easier.

TEST– Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Although the goal of education is to “learn,” “know,” “think,” and “understand” information ultimately, in academics, students have to be evaluated on their progress and take “tests.” Students are told to “study hard” for their tests without any system or process actually to prepare them.

We identify 7 test types and align the test type with the appropriate READ level and STUDY technique, providing the student with a systematic integrated test preparation strategy.

WRITE– Believe or not, all writing in Western Civilization can be synthesized down to three classical patterns established by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Socrates gave us the “Oratory,” Plato the “Dialogue,” and Aristotle his “Rhetoric”. These patterns help students organize, analyze, and document their information, thoughts, and understanding. We have created a range of templates to align with the appropriate READ level, STUDY Technique, and TEST prep strategy.