College Funding

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How much is college going to cost and how are you going to pay for it? In this video series Dr. Beasley breaks down ALL ways to find funding for college.



It is almost a financial impossibility for a median income family to save enough money to put the first child in college and pay for it out of their own pocket without taking loans.

….and what do you do with the second kid?

There is $1.7 Trillion on student loan debt – more than ALL Credit Card debt, more than ALL Car Loans, more than the total national debt of Canada, and TWICE the national debt of Greece!

Dr. Beasley explains the Options, Choices, and Opportunities to avoid or minimize college debt in this six-part training series.  He explains his strategies using the acronym MONEY:

M – Merit Money.  This is what we think of as “scholarships.”  They are awarded based on “merit,” not income.  These include Academic, Athletic, Artistic, and Activity based scholarships.  Dr. Beasley shares specific college and sources of Merit Money.

O – Opportunity Money.  Dr. Beasley discusses the thousands of sources of private scholarships, Federal scholarships (even the CIA offers a scholarship!), Weird scholarships, ROTC scholarships, and several other opportunities to earn while you learn.

N – Need-Based Money.  Need-Based doesn’t mean “Needy.”  Dr. Beasley discusses the Need-Based process where some institutions offer Need-Based aid for families with 6 figure incomes!  He navigates the alphabet maze of college funding from FAFSA, CSS, and COA, to SAR, EFC, and SEOG, and share the different types of Federal, State and Institutional aid.

E – Entitlement Money. Every US citizen and legal resident is entitled to some form of Federal or State Entitlement aid.  Indeed, there are circumstances where non-residents can receive aid.  Dr. Beasley explores the world of different types of entitlements, resident rates, tuition equalization, reciprocity between states, and veteran benefits.

Y – Your Own Money.  Every college will accept your check or credit card.  However, Dr. Beasley investigates how to minimize what comes out of your pocket, how to protect your savings and retirement, and how to get your kid to pay for college.

Dr. Beasley has helped students obtain over $70 Million in scholarships and grants since 2011.