Our Products and Services are identical to those used in our sister schools and online programs, so they have been tested, updated, and improved over the last 20 years. Everything has been designed to be delivered via the internet: as an emailed document, pdf package, online video, or online meeting.

Most of our products can be used without coaching, with some of the more complex programs – such as Advanced SAT/ACT – requiring coaching.  Most clients opt for some level of coaching to help them along. Coaching is an all-encompassing service that includes Tracking, Evaluation, Accountability, and Monitoring student progress, with advice, counsel, and assistance to both parents and students.

Although we have many “off-the-shelf” programs, many of our programs are custom assembled, tailored to the specific needs of the student.  We know that as a student ascends to college , one side DOES NOT fit all, so our coaches make adjustments as needed, and even construct a personalized program for an individual client.