The Best PSAT-ACT-SAT Test Prep Strategy

Most students go to the SAT and ACT websites to register for the test and not much more.  Most students’ first orientation to the SAT and ACT is when they take the test, and by that time, it’s too late to prep or improve.  This is why having a test prep strategy is critical for success. Only a small fraction of students actually go through the websites and those who don’t are missing a lot.

*I highly recommend going through the websites because it gets the student’s “head in the game.”  Sample questions with explanations help students understand the thinking behind getting the correct answer and get a good orientation on test structure and contents.*

There several resources on the websites that can contribute to help students increase test scores.  Here’s a list of things students should do and other resources on the websites:

ACT Website

Important for the ACT:

ACT Assessments & College Planning

SAT Website

Important for the SAT:

SAT Assessments & College Planning

In our SAT and ACT prep courses, we require our students to go through the websites and take a quiz to make sure they do it as apart of our test prep strategy.

It is estimated that students who go through the websites tend to score 50 points better on the SAT and 5 points better on the ACT just because they have their “head in the game.”

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