Navigating the maze of getting into college is full of both threats and opportunities. Few can make this journey without an experienced pilot. Many families tend to stumble through, acting on bad advice, making expensive mistakes, and often encumbering massive college debt and missing great opportunities. All of this is unnecessary. The key is to understand how to proceed through selection and admissions so the student avoids the pitfalls and can take advantage of opportunities.

College Selection

College selection includes information on the range of colleges that match the student’s ambitions, GPA, test scores, and finances. Formal selection should start in January of the junior year with 20-30 colleges to consider, trimming the list to 12 by the summer to prepare for admissions.

We have developed the College Grid method to make this process better, faster, and easier!

Secret-Hidden Colleges

With over 30 years of college research, Dr. Beasley has compiled a list of Secret-Hidden Colleges, sound academic institutions but do not have the recognition because they may not have a big athletic program or a 300 year history. Most of these institutions have excellent academics and generous scholarship programs. When you meet with us, we will share what is the best pre-med colleges in your area, the best undergraduate business schools, best computer gaming program, the best college values in the country, or just plain – which college really has the best education… you might be surprised!

College Admissions

This is where the greatest mistakes are made. Optimally, we want applications ready to go between Labor Day and Columbus Day of the Senior year. Many colleges use the Common App; several use a state common application (UC App, Apply Texas, etc.), and some require an application to the individual college. Our College Grid becomes an invaluable tool to help sort and organize the effort. Then the Essays…! We have developed Essay Express to compile, collate, and consolidate application essay requirements, and develop a number of “Core Essays” to be edited and used for multiple colleges.