All members of our Coaching Staff are degreed and certified and… each coach is a satisfied former client.  Every coach has had one or more of their students in the program or go through the program themselves with great success.  Our coaches can speak from both the head and the heart because each coach has gone through the process themselves or with their students.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Unlike many college prep programs, we DO NOT Tutor or Teach.  We TRAIN and COACH.  There is a big difference.  For example, most test prep programs have “tutors” who solve problems while the students watch.  Simply watching a tutor is not going to prepare the student for the SAT or ACT anymore than watching a basketball player take shots and expect to master it by watching.

Coaching, on the other hand, requires the student to actually perform so the coach can judge the quality of the work and show the student how to improve.  Action has to be completed by the student first, before the coach intervenes.

Hard work will always trump genius when genius does nothing!  –Thomas Edison

The student must be empowered and equipped to be self-reliant.  Students are trained in the techniques and trained to use the tools accomplish their tasks.  Instead of answering their questions, we coach them how to find the answers themselves.

An idiot with a shovel will always dig a better hole than a genius with a spoon!  –Dr. Beasley

College Advice & Planning

With college costs increasing at twice the rate of inflation, colossal changes in the SAT and ACT, and massive shifts in financial aid and scholarships, navigating the College Maze is more than daunting.

College will be the single biggest investment your family will make.

Each year, millions of families miss opportunities, make expensive mistakes, and pay more for college than they need to because they didn’t know, they listened to incomplete or incorrect advice, or they simply didn’t seek professional help.

It is what you DON’T know about college that can cause you the greatest grief.

Our sound, professional advice can save you months of anxiety, hundreds of hours of unnecessary work, and $25,000, $75,000, $150,000 or more in college costs.  99% of families do not realize the opportunities they have in College Selection, College Admissions, and especially College Funding

We have strategies to help anyone regardless of your academic or financial situation

College Readiness Coaching

Our coaches are trained to coach every component of our program: PSAT/ACT/SAT Prep, Learning (Read-Study-Test-Write) Strategies, Student Success Strategies (TIME, Goal Setting, etc.,) and Student Enhancement (volunteer, community services, and national level recognition).

High Profile and Competitive Scholarship Coaching

We provide Specialty Coaching for Service Academies (West Point, Annapolis, etc.,), Ivy League & Top Tier Admissions, NCAA Athletic Scholarships, Duke TIP, ROTC, and other Scholarship Competition.

Special Needs Coaching

We can provide limited range of Online Coaching Services to students with special needs.

College Concierge Services

Our coaching doesn’t stop at high school graduation.  We can continue to provide coaching, tracking, and academic advice as the student enters college.  We also provide graduate level preparation for Medical, Law, and other Graduate programs.