Special Programs

Beasley College Prep offers several special programs that are unique to our organization:

Duke TIP — We have been preparing sixth and seventh graders for national competition through the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) since 1996. Students become eligible for this program by scoring in the 95 percentile and compete nationally by taking the SAT or ACT to determine levels of recognition. Our program includes preparing students for eligibility during the six and seven grade, and for those who become eligible, intensive preparation to take the SAT or ACT for national competition December – January of the seventh grade year.

Our organization is a recognized national leader in Duke TIP eligibility and recognition.

Junior College 2+2 Program — For students who attend Junior or Community Colleges, we have a special program to prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges on scholarship. We have a distinctive record in preparing students to transfer to regional colleges, private universities, and Ivy League schools.

Concierge Service — We can continue to serve students once they had entered college through our Concierge Service where we continue to provide advice, counsel, and coaching to students in college. Students are trained in our Jump Start process, Learning Dynamics, and Success Strategies, and how these strategies and skills can be applied to the student’s courses.

Service Academies — We have a comprehensive program to Prepare, Package, and Position students for admission to all five of the service academies. We have staffers who are experienced in navigating the complexities required for a service academy appointment to include supervising correspondence to Congressman, Senators, and other nominating authorities, preparation of the student portfolio, and training for interviews. Our team includes academy graduates and parents who have students who have attended a service academy.

Adult High School Diploma — We provide opportunities for adults who, for whatever reason, were not able to complete their high school diploma. This is a real high school diploma, not a GED. Graduates of our Adult Diploma program have gone on to complete their college degrees.

Adult College Degree — Beasley College Prep has developed several unique opportunities for adults who have never attended college or adults who would like to finish their degrees. We have researched numerous opportunities where adults can earn accredited college degrees at very low cost with many programs available online. We assist with college preparation, admissions, enrollment, funding, and coaching while in college.

Veterans Opportunities — We have helped several veterans pursue educational opportunities and qualify for veterans’ benefits from federal, state, and institutional sources. We have aided spouses and dependents of veterans discover and qualify for educational benefits and funding. Since 2010 we have helped many students get their college tuition waived based on veteran benefits earned by one of their parents.