Unmatched Record

Since our organization shifted from an educational services provider with schools and online programs, to an international college readiness organization in 2011, no other organization in the country can match our success with admissions and scholarships.  The incredible success with our own students prompted many to ask us to provide those products and services to the general public.

All the college prep products and services we offer are used by students who are enrolled in our sister school – New College Preparatory Academy – and in our homeschool program through the National Homeschool Academy, so we use them with our own students.

Since 2011, students in our college prep students have earned over $70 Million in scholarships, grants, waivers, discounts, and other ways to reduce college cost that, unlike loans, do not have to be paid back.  In that group includes over 250 full scholarships, several of which included room and board, and in some cases, books.

There are over 1300 colleges in the US that offer some form of Merit Aid – Scholarships – that are not based on income.  Of those, there are 600 that offer full scholarships covering tuition and several covering room, board, and other expenses.  Some even offer direct cash payments as part of their scholarship package.

However, these are not distributed like Halloween candy.  With most of these awards valued at over $100,000 (and many of much more), colleges only provide them to those students in whom they wish to make an investment.  Students will have to be attractive to these colleges, and this means good grades, high test scores, and in some cases, high class rank and significant community activity.

Legacy of Success

Our Legacy of Success reaches back to 1996 when Dr. Beasley opened his first school in a rented Sunday School room with seven students.  That program spread into nine college prep academies in the Dallas area.  In the next century, the program proliferated into over 20 satellite college prep academies across the country from Springfield, MA, to Hot Springs, AR, to Palm Springs, CA.  From those came students who were admitted to top colleges, received top scholarships.  Among these are students who have become doctors, lawyers, college professors, Air Force pilots, business owners, collegiate athletes, authors, poets, artists, and the list continues.  Two of our student became Valedictorians of their respective college classes.

Our program has been successful for thousands and can be successful for your student.  You just have to have the ambition and willing to do the work required.